Low Prices
What are you giving up to get prices so low? Ummm, nothing? League Partner doesn't have a sales force. Rather, we put our resources into great software, and superior support. This keeps our prices and your costs competitive.
Tough Times?
League Partner will help you cut costs and grow your organization - through more efficient use of your staff time, lower web hosting prices, better value for your participants and your sponsors.

League Partner Features

>> Integrated Website
Your web site is controlled by you through the easy to use League Partner Control Panel. Any updates you make through your control panel are immediately available on the site. And you don't need to know any computerese - the editor is as simple to use as any word processing software you are used to. Simple - but powerful, that is.
>> Online Registration
Participants (players, coaches, and referees) go to your web site, fill in their information, pay on-line (if they have a balance due). League Partner remembers the participant if he or she has registered before. You get your money quickly, and you don't have to do the data entry.
>> Game Scheduling
League Partner will schedule your games in round-robin fashion with a few clicks of the mouse. If you have an odd number of teams, you can choose to have a bye, a double header, or schedule a team to play against itself. Tournament scheduling is available as well.
>> Security and Backups
League Partner is accessible only by secure login. Backups of your data are automated. The standard is one backup each night, but we can accommodate your needs. You may also create an instantaneous backup of your data at any time through the control panel.
>> Email and SMS
Yes, you can email any participant in your League Partner system. You can email an entire team, an entire division, just your coaches, only your referees, you name it. Oh, and you can text message the participants who sign up to receive SMS texts. They'll get the last second text message regarding moved practices. Oh, and you can create professional looking emails without knowing any HTML. Our email editor is full featured and easy to learn and use.
>> Credit Card
League Partner works with PayPal. Setting up your PayPal account takes only a few minutes. Depending on the volume of charges and whether you qualify for PayPal non-profit status, you pay between 2.2% and 2.9% plus $0.30 transaction fee. League Partner does not mark up PayPal fees at all. Want to work with a different payment gateway? Just ask, there's an excellent chance League Partner can do it.
>> Help
Every page in the League Partner control panel has a dedicated help page. In the business we call this context sensitive help. For you, it means you don't have to dig through the manual - just click the
>> Subfields
Do you have a large field that you use for adult or older youth games, but then you split it up for smaller sided youth games? League Partner handles the game scheduling for this. It will block the big field if the smaller field is scheduled, and vice-versa - automatically.
>> Web Hosting
League Partner will host your web site, using your domain name ( You'll have email addresses like And most organizations can be hosted for just $10 per month.
>> Web Pages
You have complete control over your web pages. League Partner comes with a WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get). That just means it works like other word processors you're already used to. You can create tables, and colors, and insert pictures. You don't need to know any HTML!
>> Anti-Spam
League Partner implements a mail queue - sending your email out in small batches. And our email system includes features that will help spam blockers realize that your messages are not spam.
>> Uniforms
Whether you issue t-shirst or full uniforms, League Partner helps you track them. League Partner generates the order, keeping track of uniform size, whether a player already has a uniform from the prior season, and where each uniform is located (ordered, in the office, with the team manager, with the player...) This feature saves you both money and headaches.
>> Forum
League Partner offers an online forum for coaches, players, parents, and referees, to share ideas (skill drills) discuss the latest league happenings, and to bring up important league issues.
>> Length
This feature list is long, and you're not even close to the end. What's more, we haven't even included everything here.
>> Spanish
The on-line registration web pages are already translated into Spanish for you. Your spanish speaking particpant just clicks on the icon to translate. Spanish translation is supported for your news and alerts as well.
>> Wait Lists
Go ahead and assign a player to the team with space. Mark him or her as waiting for up to two other teams that are currently full. One more way that League Partner helps keep your players happy.
>> Reports
Nineteen built-in reports are available now, and more are being added. Reports on transactions, balances due, team rosters, uniform orders, teams with space, teams needing a coach, statistics, and more can be generated quickly and easily. Every report has a print friendly version, or can be emailed directly from League Partner. Need a custom report? Just ask...
>> Referees
Referees register on-line just like players (or you can register the referees using the control panel). You can then assign referees and assistants to upcoming games, and email assignments to the coaches and referees.
>> Volunteers
Track volunteers contact information. And if you use volunteers to referee your games, you can assign them directly from the League Partner control panel.
>> Sponsors
League Partner helps you keep up with your sponsors, and offers new ways to get your sponsors exposure. Link up to two sponsors with each team, which coordinates with your uniform order. Display sponsor logos and link to sponsor web sites directly from your organization's web site. League Partner also displays a rotating "featured" sponsor on your home page. Do you have other ideas for improving your sponsorship return? We can help!
>> Donations
Your home page can have a PayPal Donation button, and there is a prompt during registration to solicit donations from your participants. Reports of transactions track your donations, too.
>> Coupons
You can create coupons in the League Partner control panel and issue them to scholarship players. Coupon redemption features are all under your control.
>> Fee Structure
Do you have simple fee structure for your players, or is it super complicated? Either way, League Partner is ready. Support for registration fees, discounts for returning players, uniform fees, late fees, fees based on divisions, credits for volunteers, and coupons is already built in. Have a fee system you don't think we can handle? We're up for the challenge - give League Partner a try.
>> ICal
Your team web pages will display complete game and practice schedules. Your participants can click on the icon and easily download an ical file into their on-line calendar. Bingo, they get notification of their upcoming games and practices!
>> Family Scheduling
League Partner lets you see when family members have games that conflict. So if you have an adult league and a youth league, you can see that Mom's game overlaps with her son's game, and adjust your schedule accordingly. Please your players' parents!
>> The End
Just kidding. We were serious that we haven't listed all the features here. And more are being added all the time. We don't think you'll find any league management software that is better equipped, at any price. And yes, we compete on price too! Remember, no sales force, means we can keep our prices lower than the competition...

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