Get LP for Free

For a limited time, we will install and support League Partner for you for free. That's right, we'll set it up, transfer your data, train you, and let you use LP for an entire season for free. And yes, this is the fully functional version - no corners cut. Pay Pal costs for accepting credit card payments are not free (we don't control that part but we will help you keep them to a minimum).

League Partner Pricing

Service League Partner
Charter Customer *
Registration $0.50 per registrant $2.50 per registrant
Setup Free $250
Web Hosting $10-$20 / month depending on number of registrants
$150 / month
Credit Card Processing Whatever PayPal charges (typically 2.2-2.9% plus $0.30/txn. League Partner does not add any surcharge 1.9% plus $0.50/txn
Website Template Included (free) $500
League Scheduling Included (free) $250 plus $4 per team
Custom Reports Included (free) $100 per hour

* Only a limited number of Charter Customers will be accepted.