Yes we know our soccer! Contact us with questions about refereeing and we'll answer them. Yes, we can explain the offside rule in a clear and concise manner. And we can shed light on what constitutes a hand ball and why a hand touching the ball isn't always whistled.


The League Partner Support Philosophy is simple: You're a soccer expert, we're software experts. We are here to help you implement great software that makes your job easier. We install everything for you, we train you how to use it, and we stick with you. Once you are set up (usually just a few days), we will work with you as much or as little as you need. Every League Partner installation includes Full Support.

Want to know how to reschedule a game and notify all the participants who are affected (with a few mouse clicks)? - We'll show you how. Want to know how to notify all the coaches for a particular division about a group training session? - Just ask us.

The League Partner Support Department is compeletly dedicated to our customers' satisfaction. If you have any questions or problems, help is available via email:

support AT

You should expect a response within a few hours (often within a few minutes). Not an automated response, rather one from a real support person - someone with in-depth knowledge of the League Partner product. Email is the most efficient way for us to offer support, so we appreciate you using that avenue first. If you wish for us to call you, just give us your phone number.

Remember that our user's manual is available in your control panel. Click on the Support menu item and then on the link for the document.

Our support hours are 8:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday Eastern Time. We know that soccer happens on the weekends, too, so if you need help outside office hours, email us. We're here to help.